Black Friday heater from Pernambucanas up to 70% off

It is no secret that Black Friday this year is one of the most awaited events for many consumers, since, with the pandemic, saving on the purchase of products can make a big difference in the family budget.

In order to present actions that contribute to the daily life and support customers in the most important moments, Pernambucanas (national retail brand that has been part of the life of Brazilians for 112 years) launched, in September, the Juntos para o that comes and goes – not limiting promotions and special payment conditions to November 27th only.

Both on websites and in physical stores, during the Heats Black Friday, items can be found with up to 50% discount, including in the sectors of small appliances and computers, in addition to several others. Discount coupons are also part of the brand’s actions and, to purchase one of them (R $ 20), just download the application and follow the few steps found in the virtual space.

Finally, other benefits are not out of the package, including additional discounts, cashback (free money back), free shipping, collection of the product in one of the physical units, purchase by WhatsApp (also called Drive-Thru, through which it is it is possible to receive photos and product details, make the purchase and pick it up in one of the stores) and exclusive values ​​for purchases through the application.

For those who prefer to stop by one of the units, all the security measures necessary to combat the covid-19, indicated the company, guarantee the integrity of the customer as well as the employees. The store offers alcohol gel at the entrance, respecting the mandatory use of masks and social distancing.

Start saving

Varied forms of payment up to 12x interest-free on credit cards and which also include the use of PayPal and payment slips make the network a reference for credit facilities and conditions. “Pernambucanas Together for Whatever Comes, embraced the difficulties that its customers had during the pandemic and showed the real importance of a 112-year-old brand in people’s lives,” said Clauber Volinksi, creative director at Wunderman Thompson Brazil.

In addition to all these benefits, the reduction in refinancing and installment invoice fees and the implementation of the Covid Agreement, enabling installment payments without down payment and with a grace period of up to 90 days, were brand movements. Another action was the availability, through the Digital Corporate University, of an online personal finance course, with practical tips on how to reduce household expenses.

To take advantage of all the advantages offered by Pernambucanas before, during and after Black Friday, just visit the website or one of the stores. After all, only those who are part of the family are together for whatever comes and goes.

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