Bitcoin’s fall came with the move of 93000 BTC

The drop in bitcoin price came with the transfer of more than 93,000 BTC to stock exchanges.

The price of Bitcoin rose to $ 19,500 on Wednesday, November 25, and a strong sales wave came from here, the price was pulled to $ 16,200 the next day. The leading crypto money, moving at the level of 16 thousand dollars one more day, recovered a little today and saw 17 thousand 900 dollars. The price is 17 thousand 750 dollars as of 00.15 when the news was published.

New details emerge after the big drop seen on Wednesday. In-chain analysis determined that whales were moving chunks of BTC to central cryptocurrency exchanges such as Conbase during the hours when the price was on the verge of breaking a record.

According to IntoTheBlock, the price drop began to be seen as soon as the whales invested BTC in the exchanges. With a total of 93,630 BTC sent to the exchanges, the Bitcoin price also experienced a deep break.

On the other hand, according to Glassnode data, those with assets between 0.1 and 1 BTC started selling their assets when the price reached $ 13,500. Those with assets between 1 and 10 BTC were 15 thousand 200, and those with 100 to 1000 BTC went on sale when the price reached 18 thousand dollars.

However, another remarkable data was that investors holding at least 1000 BTC did not sell their assets in the period when Bitcoin was showing a rapid rally. Glassnode informed that the number of investors with assets of 1000 BTC and above has reached 2000.

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