Bitcoin Fraudsters’ Attack on Twitter Revealed

It was announced that the Slack application was used for the Twitter attack.

Twitter continues to reveal new details about the attack on July 15. It turned out that the attackers who took close to 130 Twitter accounts also copied the information of 8 accounts that did not have a blue tick.

The Twitter attack was alleged to have been carried out by a former criminal, 21-year-old hacker, but the English attacker denied these allegations. Now, in the annotation made by Twitter, it was determined that the attackers manipulated Twitter employees and used Slack for this.

Slack Sparks Information Leak

In the statement made by Twitter, it was pointed out that this attack may have been made using “Your Twitter Data” information. An anonymous source speaking to The Times stated that the attackers had access to the Slack channel of Twitter’s employees. The anonymous source stressed that leaking information remaining on the channel and the attackers’ access to Your Twitter Data information was caused by the Slack channel.

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