Binance Compares Tron with Ethereum: Which Is Faster?

The cryptocurrency giant Binance has released a new report on Tron from popular platforms today .

Butera Vitalikor by such established names I Etherea founded by Justin Sun has a longstanding rivalry between Tron. These two blockchain platforms, which compete especially in dApp (decentralized application), are also competing with each other about fixedcoins.

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trade volume, has released a general evaluation report on the Tron network today. Binance examines the mobility in the Tron network in this report and makes some general comparisons between Tron and Ethereum.

The World of Fixed

In this study on Binance Tron, he also examined the fixedcoins in the Tron network, their number and usage areas. Tron, which started to support Tether ‘s USDT fixed coin with the TRC-20 standard, started to challenge Ethereum with this move.

The production of USD 2.8 billion USDT in a short time in the Tron network has also angered this competition. But the Ethereum especially Tronan yet fully in USDT can not hold head also need to specify. Because the total value of ERC-20 based USDTs in the Ethereum network is over $ 6 billion. In addition, there are almost 1.5 million addresses in the Ethereum network with USDT, which puts Ethereum in front of Tron.

At this point, Binance takes the focus from USDT and converts it to USDC. Of the building; He pointed out that as of July 2, 5 million 483 thousand USDT transactions were made in the Tron network , emphasizing that this is two times more than USDC transactions in the Ethereum network . The company also has 377 thousand USDT in the Tron network ; In the Ethereum network, it does not neglect to state that there are 178 thousand addresses with USDC .

After making a comparison over the amount of USDT and USDC in the Binance Ethereum and Tron networks, it also examines the usage areas of these fixedcoins. Stating that fixedcoins such as USDT and USDC are generally used for arbitrage between exchanges, Binance team points out that Tron is faster and cheaper than Ethereum in this regard . However, it should be reminded that the number of exchanges that support the ERC-20 standard is higher than the number of exchanges that support the TRC-20 standard.

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