Billy Eichner’s gay joke on Colton Underwood doesn’t age well – Deadline

Billy Eichner, who made a cameo appearance on a reality TV show The single person in 2019 and joked about being gay with Colton Underwood, came out today with the support of his friend.

Eichner’s Season 23 clip circulated today in the aftermath of the Underwood bombing Hello america interview revealing her previously hidden sexual preference.

In 2019, the Billy in the street star, 42, had a brief cameo during one of the group dates on the show. When he next joined Underwood and host Chris Harrison, Eichner joked, “I’m gay. I know it’s a shock, Colton. And I think you should look into that point.

He added, “Maybe you’re the first gay bachelor and we don’t even know that.”

Eichner’s attempted prank obviously didn’t age well, and today he praised Underwood’s courage.

“I’m happy for @colton. If you are gay, be gay! I’ve been gay forever and love it! the Lion King the actor tweeted. He then posted: “This is how Hollywood works: Colton is going to receive a GLAAD Award before me.”

Underwood appreciated Eichner’s support in his own Instagram post today. “I love you. I love it (now) and now I love being gay,” he replied on the comedian clip of him from The single person.

Eichner commented back, “I’m happy for you. See you at the club, Colton!

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