Billion dollar lawsuit against Apple and Tim Cook!

Apple, which has faced copyright and compensation lawsuits many times, has come up with a new lawsuit. Apple and Tim Cook are facing a billion-dollar lawsuit filed by a pension fund.

Apple and Tim Cook on the agenda with a billion dollar lawsuit

Apple, which has been brought to the agenda many times due to disagreements with companies such as Google and Samsung, is now complained by the UK-based pension fund.

Apple ve Tiim Cook milyar dolarlık dava ile karşı karşıya

Tim Cook made some statements about the falling shares in 2018. Following the statements, Apple had contacted suppliers and asked them to cut production.

The company’s revenue forecast unexpectedly dropped to $ 9 billion on January 2, 2019. Apple shares fell 10 percent the next day. Commenting on the issue after this incident, Cook said, “This event is partly due to the increase in trade tension with the US over China. “He used expressions.

US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers stated that the statement made by Cook was materially wrong and misleading. A 23-page report was prepared for the plaintiffs who claimed that Apple and Tim Cook were hiding the declining demand in China.

Apple and Tim Cook have yet to comment on this.

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