Billie Eilish: the truth that you don’t realize my future

The singer Billie Eilish sent a strong hidden message in the song My Future that surely many people did not understand.

Although My Future has a tender tone as if it were a love song that can be dedicated to someone else, the truth hidden within this wonderful song by Billie Eilish goes beyond what people can imagine.

Billie has a very different mentality than other artists, since she has always shown that there is no need to show her body to jump to fame and as well as that message of empowerment, My Future has also been for many of her followers .

My Future – Billie Eilish

Far from being a song to dedicate to another person, My Future talks about self-esteem and feeling good about yourself, loving yourself more than anything and more than anyone else. In addition, it makes it clear that you do not need a romantic relationship to feel complete.

This is a clear message to all the rumors that involve her with various artists. Billie sings from her heart and with an exceptional video that she does not need to be with someone to feel complete.

“I’m in love, but not with someone else. I just want to know myself, I know I’m supposed to be alone now. I know I’m supposed to be unhappy,” Billie sings.

This message is aimed at highlighting that in society people have been told that to be happy they need another person, which is not entirely true and is what Billie Eilish tries to convey to all those fans who feel alone for not having someone’s love.

Without a doubt, the artist born in the United States tries to send the best messages to her fans to make them feel good, since music is an engine for many people that can convey very important feelings. Have you noticed that hidden message?


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