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Bill Maher isn’t the first to predict a post-pandemic era of party and celebration, akin to the dancing roaring twenties that followed the 1918 flu epidemic. Only this time, he says, let’s skip Prohibition and Depression.

How? ‘Or’ What? Put an end to the war on drugs and our means of spending a lot.

“The Roaring Twenties turned into the Broke-Ass 1930s,” Maher said.

Sure Real time with Bill Maher Tonight, the host said the United States has an economy “separate from reality,” with unemployment, bankruptcies and closed businesses coexisting with a particularly strong stock market. Spending, he said, is out of control, with “the word billion” now replaced with “billion”. The United States spent $ 6 trillion to fight Covid, he said, which is $ 2 million more than what we spent to defeat “a row of evil murderers around the world” during the Second World War.

“We spend money like it has an expiration date,” he said.

To make his point, Maher showed what we paid for, contrasting images of WWII – Nazi troops, atomic bombs – with the image of a man isolated by a pandemic surfing on his couch .

Maher also compared the 1920s ban to the modern drug war, saying that many current social ills stem from drug policy: refugees flee their countries because of the drug cartels, the racial injustice of mass incarceration with prisons populated by disastrous drug laws. .

Maher asked, “This time, can we have the big party without having to worry about being arrested for using drugs that make the party go on in the first place?” a part where we admit it doesn’t work.

Watch the segment above.

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