BigHit will open a museum with exhibits of BTS and its artists

The company will exhibit collections from each of its artists. BigHit will open a kind of museum where it will show all the collections of BTS and its other artists.

The idol agency reported that among its new projects a space will be allocated where fans can learn more about the group’s popularity, in addition to purchasing exclusive merchandise, we will tell you the details.

According to Korean media,BigHitplans to move its facilities to the Yongsan district, where it will open a new company building, which is made up of 19 floors and 7 underground levels, the inauguration will be later this year.

A museum about BTS?

The BigHit project reportedly plans to open a space dedicated to the popularity of BTS, TXT and the groups that were acquired under the purchase of SOURCE Music and Pledis, Seventeen and GFriend.

This kind of museum is expected to display collections of the costumes that idols have used in their MV’s, collectibles from each group, among others. Exclusive items will also be sold . The Pop-Up, “House of BTS” , was the first step to study the reaction of the public.

It is not known if there will also be a cafeteria, similar to the establishments of other agencies. This project is due to the popularity of BTS in K-pop.

The success of the boys even reaches other areas, such as the activist Malala, who in an interview spoke about the inspiration that BTS creates with their music.

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