Beyoncé’s explosive letter for Afro-grandchildren

United States.- The singer Beyoncé will publish this July 31 the new trailer for Black is King, her new audiovisual work that is framed to enhance African-American culture with a song of resilience, courage and strength. This new proposal has a visual album format inspired by The Lion King: The Gift that clearly highlighted the wonders of the African continent. But this time the diva bets on more social and egalitarian issues towards the black community.

This magnificent production, which has a cinematic cut, will have its premiere this July 31 on Disney + and also features the participation of Blue Yvy, the artist’s eldest daughter with Jay Z. The visual album was recorded in New York, Los Angels, South Africa, West Africa, London and Belgium. In addition, in a press release, the following was read: “This album seeks to reinvent the lessons of ‘The Lion King’ for today’s young kings and queens in search of their own crowns.”

Part of the press release that was released in the media said the following: “The trips of black families over time, telling the story of a young king’s journey through betrayal, love and self-identity . Guided by his ancestors, the father and the love of childhood, he gains the virtues necessary to claim his home and his throne. ‘Black Is King’ is a statement of great purpose, with lush images celebrating black resistance and culture. The film highlights the beauty of tradition and black excellence. ”

Beyoncé to history

The model, Naomi Campbel also appears in the clip, as detailed in the statement. “Black Is King is a tribute to let the world know about the black experience through music and film narration (…) You were created by the heat of the galaxy. Imagine being a unique and familiar person at the same time, being one among so many equals and still not being equal to anyone else. Life is a series of decisions. Lead or be led, guide your life or lose it ”.

Beyoncé also created the song Black Parade that is part of this audiovisual. And it is appropriate to note that it was co-produced by Derek Dixie and was written by Blu June, Brittany Coney, Worldwide Fresh, Kaydence, Caso, Jay Z and Beyoncé herself. “This song talks about the artist’s evolution to express her vision of musical empowerment as a substitute for the traditional parades that frame the holiday and that took place this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

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