“Better to drink acid than to drink alcohol”

Seth Rogen is getting outspoken about taking drugs now instead of drinking alcohol (Photo Credit: Instagram / sethrogen)

Seth Rogen “hated” himself during the peak of his alcohol use and is now more comfortable using drugs socially.

The Yearbook author used to drink “as often as (he) could without derailing (his) life in any way” between the ages of 13 and 23, but realized he had need to change his ways when he started to “hate” Himself the day after a drinking session.

Seth Rogen said, “(I was) like, ‘Why do I get drunk on these things and hate myself the next day?’ And I think I realized that I had been lied to about alcohol and held a place in society for the wrong reasons.

Seth Rogen cut off most alcohol “about 10 years ago,” and now takes drugs socially instead because he doesn’t have the nasty effects of a morning hangover.

He added: “Once I got more comfortable with taking other drugs that were more stigmatized and didn’t care about the damage in terms of how anyone perceived me, there was just a moment when I realized I just had to be comfortable with a quarter tablet (MDMA) at this party and not drink and have a much better time. Or eat a little mushroom on that thing or have a lollipop (of grass).

Seth Rogen added, “The next day I don’t have a hangover, I don’t throw up. It’s just a lot better for me. Really, you better take a sip of acid than drink.

And the Superbad star, 38, said smoking marijuana helps her fight her low-level Tourette and OCD.

Speaking to UK magazine GQ about the stigma surrounding marijuana, he said, “The only stigma with weed is that it affects your brain. And people are just weird about it. They don’t like to talk about brain health. (CDG / BAN / CDG)

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