Better life: Samia and Jean-Paul getting closer!

In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, the marriages of Samia and Jean-Paul will materialize. They will be very close!

Is the love story between Samia and Jean-Paul really over? In Plus Belle La Vie, the exes question each other before their respective marriages.

D-day is approaching for Samia and Jean-Paul! Indeed, the former lovebirds of Plus Belle La Vie will soon be getting married. Not together, but with their new partner.

Thus, Samia will marry the beautiful Hadrian. As for Jean-Paul, he will have to pass the ring on to Irina, who is none other than Pavel’s daughter. Politics and the police have both turned the page. Well, that’s what they thought …

In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, their marriages come true. Both are busy preparing for their ceremony. And since Lucie’s parents are getting married on the same day, they spend a lot of time together.

Then their relationship becomes ambiguous again. Jean-Paul will try to reassure his ex-wife that there is nothing left between them. Besides, he doesn’t have the slightest feeling for her anymore.

But Samia, played by Fabienne Carat, will be rather upset. To be reassured, the pretty brunette will approach her future husband. Is she trying to convince herself to make the right choice? In any case, the deputy mayor wonders.

In private, Jean-Paul finds himself as lost as she is. Should he really marry Irina, when his heart belongs to Samia? To find answers to these questions, the police officer would like to confess to the Pope …


In Plus Belle La Vie, another plot pierces the screen: that of Mouss’s imprisonment. Indeed, the young man finds himself unfairly locked behind bars. He was the victim of a plot by Commissioner Mazelle.

So Mila and Luna do their best to prepare for his escape from prison. To achieve this, they use all their possible contacts. So Stan and Pavel will enter the game. To follow in Plus Belle La Vie…

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