Belinda cheats on Christian Nodal’s mom’s birthday

Christian Nodal’s family lived a great celebration by celebrating the birthday of the artist’s mother, Cristy Nodal, enlivened with a great banquet and surrounded by the most special people, including her son and even the singer Belinda who dedicated a message to her special

Engalana Belinda cumpleaños de mamá de Cristian Nodal(Instagram)

It was the mother of the famous interpreter Christian Nodal who on this occasion dressed for a party to celebrate his birthday, the singer Belinda was present to accompany the celebrated Cristy Nodal at the great moment, who along with all his guests would enjoy in style of one more of their anniversaries.

It was last Thursday night when, at the voice of Mariachi, Cristy Nodal, mother of Christián Nodal received the mañanitas for her birthday in a great celebration surrounded by complete secrecy.

It was in a publication shared on the Instagram account of the mother of the former coach of the program “La Voz México” who appeared on stage with the pop singer, Belinda herself that she dedicated some beautiful words to the mother of the gallant from she.

The most beautiful woman tonight, who this year is full of blessings for you, of beautiful and wonderful things, expressed the famous singer … Happy Birthday mommy “also expressed the singer who added to the message dedicated to the celebration.

As it transpired, it would be the regional music interpreter himself, the main organizer of the great party who made sure that all the preparations went perfectly, achieving an unforgettable evening which was held in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, the place where his girlfriend Belinda arrived. as well as other close people.

The event was enlivened by a mariachi, apparently from the locality, as well as a great banquet that was given by a prestigious restaurant in the area, confirmed local journalist Felipe Osuna.

It was a totally controlled event, attended by a small group of people who arrived a day earlier, added through a telephone link to the “Ventaneando” program.

Later, the production also contacted the member of the Mariachi Continental group, Jorge Bautista, who was questioned about his presence in the reserved event to which he responded feeling “very flattered” to be chosen to liven up this party, of which he did not reveal many details and he even pointed out that he did not know where it would be carried out.

I have no idea, pretend that they contacted me and I only understand that it is going to be here in Mazatlán, I have the information only, the place will be provided to me almost at the time we are going there They haven’t told me the schedule yet, I have no idea how big or intimate this event could be, ”Bautista told the same broadcast.

As for the banquet, it transpired that it would be the exclusive restaurant “Agatha” who would have been in charge of the exquisite banquet enjoyed by the Nodal family and companions along with their special guest: Belinda Peregrín.

A person from the restaurant staff would be the one to reveal what some of the specialties of the place are, which offers a great variety of international and traditional dishes from the area.

We handle international food, cuts of meat, salmon, octopus, picaña, ribe eye, lobsters ”.

Likewise, it was known that Cristy Nodal put himself in the hands of one of the most prestigious makeup artists in the place, Sheyla Urías, who would also provide her services to the singer Belinda.

Without a doubt, Nodal, did not skimp to pamper her mother on that special day, and to be the best host on the singer’s visit to said port.

The couple formed by Christián Nodal and Belinda, have been the target of several comments due to their relationship, which emerged in the forums of the singing program “La Voz México”, they have faced accusations that even refer, their relationship was a “marketing strategy “to sustain the program’s rating.

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