George Lucas’ work has inspired some strange sequels. That’s the strangest thing.

Where were you in the summer of ’62 George Lucas’ American graffiti asks this big question and takes us on a journey into the lives of high school graduates who have their whole life ahead of them. At least that’s what they think. As the night progresses, we see people fall in love, become closer friends, and maybe even get a glimpse that the best is yet to come.

American graffiti is a groundbreaking film that brought Lucas into the mainstream and allowed him to live the dreams of. to pursue war of stars a few years later. It was also a huge hit that exceeded its meager budget and put Lucas’ name on every briefing sheet in Hollywood.

The film went so well that the city was forced to do a sequel without Lucas. But it was a very strange sequel.

Check out this video from the Royal Ocean Film Society and let’s talk afterward.

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