Behind the scenes of the video that made her famous

Mia Khalifa became world famous after the controversial video came out where she wears a hijab, this is known on the recording.

Currently Mia Khalifa is dedicated to activism, La Verdad Noticias has given some details about it, but before dedicating herself to charitable causes this woman of Libyan origin was a porn actress and it was a video wearing a Hijab which made her famous .

Much later, as a former porn actress and completely removed from this industry, she spoke about what happened and how the recording was, in addition to her thoughts.

This is a remarkable fact since in a few minutes of action Mia Khalifa was known worldwide, a fame that she admitted cost her dearly and all while she was 21 years old.

Behind the scenes of the famous video of Mia Khalifa

When the Lebanese model opened up about her past and specifically about the Hijab video, she described how the day of the considered infamy had been.

Mia Khalifa said that that day she arrived at the recording set and as usual began to prepare, but admits that she did not know what was the content of the video that they would be filming moments later and above all she did not know what the impact it would have.

The sports commentator also confessed that two producers spoke with her while they were fixing her hair and putting on makeup at that moment they asked her if she could speak Arabic, to which she said yes, something that the producers loved

“They asked me to wear a hijab,” Khalifa explained, adding that he filmed the scene with another woman and a man.

But this video had consequences for more than just fame, as the former adult actress revealed she received death threats from “people who were so mad at me for wearing a hijab and making Muslims look bad.”

Her adult video also did not sit well with “ISIS sympathizers”, who she said had hacked into her Instagram account, which at the time had more than 2 million followers, and deleted it.

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