Battlefield 6: exclusive for next-generation consoles

The next generation of consoles is already knocking on the door, as the arrival date of the new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, from Microsoft and Sony’s PlayStation 5 approach. With that, several successful franchise games are expected for the console.

One of them is Battlefield 6, which should arrive exclusively for the next generation gaming consoles sometime between the months of March and June of next year.

In a recent interview, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson explained that DICE is working on the next title in the franchise with “a scale never seen before” and revealed that the game is scheduled to hit the new consoles during the spring of 2021. northern hemisphere: “The next Battlefield is scheduled to launch on the holiday of 2021, we are looking forward to sharing much more about the game in the spring.”

In addition, the executive highlighted the processing power of the new generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft and pointed out that these characteristics will allow to work better in the new game in the series:

The technical advances in the new consoles are enabling the team to deliver a true next-generation vision for the franchise. We have practice tests going on internally, and the team has received very positive feedback about the game as we started to involve our community.

Andrew Wilson,
CEO of Electronic Arts.

The PlayStation 5 should hit stores in Brazil from November 19 – the same date that deliveries for those who reserved the console begin. The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are scheduled for November 10.

Remember that, as we saw a few months ago, EA’s new first-person shooter should feature larger maps and a Battle Royale mode.

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