Batman Unburied, the first podcast born out of partnership

In mid-June, Spotify announced the signing of a contract with Warner to produce exclusive content for the streaming platform based on characters from the DC Comics universe. No details had been released so far, except for confirmation that this is a long-term partnership, and that we could expect content to arrive in the form of podcasts and other audio formats.

With the arrival of HBO Max, speculation pointed to the development of transmedia content, which could be established between the two services. Now the companies have just released the first fruit of their contract, finally giving us an idea of ​​the future plans of the two companies.

Batman Unburied, still without a Portuguese translation, is a podcast written by David S. Goyer, none other than the screenwriter of the acclaimed film Batman Begins. Following the intimate work developed in film production, Unburied will explore Bruce Wayne’s psychological. Goyer is the creator of the idea, and will be the executive producer of the new content. Unfortunately, no other details have been released. Batman Unburied arrives exclusively on Spotify in 2021.

Remember that this is not the only major investment in podcasts made by Spotify. The streaming platform launched in June its first radio soap opera in Brazil, Sofia, which was attended by celebrities such as Mônica Iozzi and Otaviano Costa. In addition, the experience of listening to podcasts on the service has been improved, making it possible to share quotes on social networks and even participate in polls.

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