Bad Trip Movie Review & Movie Summary (2021)

When Bud and Chris need a car to get to New York, they ‘borrow’ the hot pink Crown Vic that belongs to Bud’s sister, Trina (Tiffany Haddish), whom Bud fears but is relieved when she is. imprisoned for breaking his house arrest. And yet, soon enough, Haddish comes out from under a prison bus after busting up and goes in search of his car. When not where she stored it, she chases Bud and Chris down the East Coast, creating incredibly funny and abrasive scenes of her confronting people about whether they’ve seen them or if her car has. written “Bad Bitch” on the window. Haddish bulldozes through each setting, exemplifying the over-the-top spirit of the film. When talking to increasingly uncomfortable strangers, she doesn’t miss a beat and relishes the opportunity to sound dangerous; when she steals a cop car and burns in the parking lot of a donut store, it’s one of her many triumphant moments.

“Bad Trip” is a collision of great improvising actors and genuinely baffled reactions from people unaware that they are now in Chris’ story – which makes Michaela Conlin’s performance as Maria all the more an essential midpoint of his Venn diagram. She enters the film as an innocent spectator as well, but it’s a deceptive comedic energy that plays out in a great fun way as she pushes aside Chris’s illusions. In Chris’ daydreams, Conlin matches Andre’s intensity; the fact that she has to play her directly in later scenes adds to the tension she creates, like when Chris tries to profess his love to her.

How funny is “Bad Trip”? After two views, this is one of those comedies with a stable laughter average and a high replay value, although it doesn’t always hit you as hard. He’s knowingly playing a random game, and some scenes don’t fully work out (like a drug trip to the grocery store as a sweet homage to “The Eric Andre Show”), while other pranks are more awkward than big laughs (like when Chris spurts gas all over a gas station). But the movie has speed on its side, with a pace that takes the plot from prank to prank, often including crowds of people in the last big dramatic confrontation that comes from Bud’s expected emotional arc. and Chris. (A sudden car crash sequence is uniquely well-planned, with cameras and extras ready nearby.) It’s a steady build to its ultimate New York destination, and every major play is built to bubble up. ‘discomfort before soaring above. One of the first scenes of Chris’ job in the smoothie shop only begins when he’s brewing the drinks without the spoons – it escalates into awkward tension with disgusted and annoyed customers, then in full swing, a bloody, bloody finale hitting with impeccable and unexpected timing.

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