Aya Nakamura: Funny parody of “Doudou” by Omar Sy!

For a few hours now, a hilarious parody of “Doudou”, the song by Aya Nakamura, covered by Omar Sy, has been making the buzz on the web!

Here is a parody which makes the buzz on the social networks. For the past few hours, people and anonymous people have been cracking their noses at Omar Sy’s new video.

It must be said that the latter has something to laugh about. Indeed, the favorite French actor has decided to cover the song Doudou. From singer Aya Nakamura.

A hilarious cover, which therefore made the canvas die of laughter. This video was therefore an opportunity for the actor to once again step into the shoes of the character he played in SAV shows, on CANAL +.

The show, which aired between 2005 and 2012 on the encrypted channel, starred Omar Sy and Fred Testot. They took on the role of somewhat saucy advisers of unconventional after-sales service.

On the video unveiled yesterday by Omar Sy, we can see the actor in his own role. The latter therefore put on a traditional outfit to cover Aya Nakamura’s song Doudou.


“It was too tempting,” he wrote, captioning the video. In the images, the actor therefore seems in his element, and proof that the parody worked, it has been viewed almost 330,000 times. Just that.

If Aya Nakamura has yet to react to this hilarious video, some people have not been asked. Like M Pokora, or even Cyril Hanouna. They didn’t hesitate to share the video again.

On social media, Omar Sy fans were quick to voice their reaction, either. “Frankly, you did my night back,” “I’m having cramps I’m just kidding,” “It feels good to clear your head. I laugh all alone !! “,” Thank you Omar I’m crying. ”

Basketball player Endy Miyem, meanwhile, predicted the actor’s return to SAV shows. “Doudou is back,” she wrote on social networks. As long as she’s telling the truth.

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