Avowed and can only access Xbox in 2022

Announced a few days ago during the Xbox Games Showcase, the Avowed game had more details discovered by insider Sponger. The source would have discovered the game’s planned release date.

According to the information, Obsidian Entertainment intends to release the game only in late 2022, with a late goal for the beginning of 2023. In other words, Microsoft console players will still have to wait a long time to gain access to the title.

Avowed is expected to be Microsoft’s first AAA RPG – just like Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series. It should deliver an open world experience, with a much larger and denser environment than Skyrim, for example.

For the future Xbox Series X, the title will feature real-time technology to interact with state-of-the-art lighting, physics and Artificial Intelligence systems. The developer’s intention is to create a more realistic fantasy world.

In addition to factions, companions and rich narrative, Avowed promises to bring a battle against a threat of tyranny that will even count on the contribution of the gods of the series.

The insider adds that the project has been in development for years, even before the purchase by Microsoft. At first, it was a team of 100 developers, but they are expanding. The game is still in production and is expected to have full support for Xbox and PC players.

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