Atomos teases new ninja recorder that supports 4K 120p RAW

The Ninja family will soon be expanded to include a new Atomos monitor recorder.

Atomos is bringing a brand new monitor recorder to its range next month.

Atomos didn’t reveal much, but in an emailed press release they indicated that “during the current Ninja V. keeps getting stronger with many updates and improvements and supports ProRes RAW for a wide variety of cameras. “They are” excited to announce a brand new member of the family to join the series in early May which, among other exciting features, will bring our customers stunning 4K 120p ProRes RAW footage. ”

The product announcement follows the announcement of new firmware updates for the FX9 and FX6 that supports external 4K 120p RAW. With Atomos being the only company developing external ProRes RAW, the two companies are somewhat tied in terms of innovation and available video formats for shooters.

We noticed that Blackmagic Design is supporting more third party cameras with Blackmagic RAW – for example the Panasonic S1H and Nikon Z mirrorless cameras – but we haven’t seen BRAW at Sony yet. Maybe soon?

Atomos says the current Ninja V. will continue to receive updates, but we don’t expect it to ever support 4K 120p RAW or the “other exciting features” Atomos has planned for the new recorder.

This is pure speculation, but we hope the recorder will combine HDMI and SDI connections into one unit. Essentially, we’d love a crossover between Ninja V and Shogun in one model. And yes, keep the live switching on Shogun and possibly add wireless monitoring of the setup.

Obviously companies want to sell more SKUs, but it would be great to make the monitor game easier by putting everything we need into one simple solution. The “which is right for me” can be exhausting. Atomos competitors can be quite SKU-heavy with only minor differences between models. We like Atomos because they tend to simplify solutions and give us more bang for your buck. Hopefully they do even more with this latest version.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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