Ashok Selvan, Nithya Menen and Ritu Varma tell a sweet, harmless story!

Ninnila Ninnila Movie Review Rating: 3/5 stars (three stars)

Star Cast: Ashok Selvan, Ritu Varma, Nithya Menen, Nassar and Ensemble

Director: Ani. IV Sasi

Ninnila Ninnila Movie Review (Photo credit: IMDb)

What is good: it is a happy movie. Remember one of those Mills & Boons, you know it’s not true, but put your whole heart into it? Just like that.

What is bad: For some, this might be an excessive suspension of disbelief and indulging in the slow storytelling might put them off.

Loo break: It really depends on your taste for movies.

Watch or not ?: If you agree with the content that I approve, or if the What’s Good part appeals to you, come on in. It’s an easy two hour walk that you won’t regret.

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A lazy, overweight man with no motivation to live is here to become a London chef. He suffers from muscle spasms, which makes him a strange human to the people around him. Enter Tara, another ambitious girl who wants to become a chef. When the “ghost” of the past is revealed, love begins.

Ninnila Ninnila film review with Ashok Selvan, Ritu Varma and Nithya Menen
Ninnila Ninnila Movie Review (Photo credit: IMDb)

Ninnila Ninnila Movie Review: Screenplay Analysis

There are movies you don’t watch to find nuance or to examine the craft, but turn off your brain and let the magic take over. But who will do the job if I turn off my brain? Well, Nannila Nannila is mainly made for all of you who are dreaming and have woven your imaginary stories. If you’re one of those people who can’t even stand human exaggeration, it’s not your pleasure, let’s meet at the next station.

Written by Ani and her team, Nannila Nannila in print and execution is like one of those Barbie movies you watch. Each character is written as an exaggerated version of themselves. Once a person is in good shape, now has the biggest belly, lazy to even bend over and pick up his towel. A girl with high level obsessive-compulsive disorder washes her hands a number of times and when she is not washing, she wears gloves. Another man who has been separated from his wife and daughter thinks of committing suicide every day but does not.

It’s a risky area, I have to say. One wrong move and your Barbie world will be comedic in no time. But the writers here don’t let that happen. While everything looks super random, everything about the writing is proportionate. What is not proportionate is too much explanation. He’s almost about to spoon feed. Between parties in the restaurant become repetitive, and it pulls you a bit. But then comes Nithya Menen. About that in the sub-point below.

There are also people that writers forget. For example, Dev’s friend at a restaurant and his parents. You don’t even see his friend in the final streak, or I missed him, but even though he was there, he deserved more meat from him.

Ninnila Movie Review Ninnila: Performance Star

Ashok Selvan as Dev is a perfect match. His confused expression and distraught demeanor help the much-needed scenario. Ritu Varma as Tara does her job as she is told and brings a breeze with her onscreen presence. The TOC layer doesn’t feel forced, and that helps.

Speaking of the more complex of the three, Nithya Menen gets a role that will split people in half. There will be opinions that the actor and the creators have gone a little too far with her. For my part, I think she starts off on a positive note (and it’s inconvenient), but once you’re with Nithya in what she wants you to see, it becomes normal and you understand where she’s coming from.

Ninnila film review Ninnila: direction, music

Ani. IV Sasi, in his direction, sticks to what he imagines this world. You see him putting all the quaint elements in his film. The train, to the aesthetics of the restaurant or their respective homes. Everything defines the people who immerse themselves in it. In her direction or in her writing, Ani doesn’t try to spread a big message or make it a festival of screaming. He keeps things as simple as possible.

The camera too. The cinematography and editing are smooth and easy going. The music comes in again and again and lifts the mood.

Ninnila Movie Review Ninnila: The Last Word

As said, it’s a nice little movie that isn’t there to make a point. It tells a simple story that you should listen to if it’s okay with you. Nannila Nannila should have a chance!

Ninnila trailer Ninnila

Ninnila Ninnila releases February 26, 2021.

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