Asheema Vardaan AKA Devika Says: “The Series Is About Female Feticide And LGBTQ”

Asheema Vardaan AKA Devika on Dev DD Season 2 (PC: Instagram)

The second season of the popular “Dev DD” web series, which has just been released, covers topics such as female feticide and LGBTQ.

Lead actress Asheema Vardaan, who is reprising her role as Devika in the show’s second season, has turned the tide on the subject. She said, “This time the show is mostly about female feticide and LGBTQ. The show talks about queer marriage, which is an important topic to highlight because queer people don’t have marriage rights like their straight counterparts do. It’s sad that our law doesn’t see straight couples and queer couples the same, which leads to social stigma and ostracization.

It is adapted from Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s epic novel “Devdas” with a female perspective like Devika. The series gives an unconventional twist to the storyline of “Devdas” with gender inversions.

The second season is more intriguing with its script, the actress believes. She added, “Season 2 is about more serious topics outside of feminism, sexism and homophobia that are brushed under the rug that society is reluctant to talk about. He talks about some more serious things that have been happening for a long time. So Devika openly disputes these things and takes care of them. These things are presented on the show sometimes in a strong way and sometimes in a subtle way.

Speaking about her character in the new season, the actress further shared, “This is the introduction of two new Paritosh characters coming into the life of Devika and Aditi coming into the life of Anurag. These so-called upcoming love interests in their life are going to be an interesting walk. It’s all about Devika, her life, her journey and how she stands for her friends, family and what she thinks is right. Devika is a rebel, fighter who lives her life on her own terms and fears no one. She knows what is wrong and what is right. It’s a lot more evolved this season and a lot of commotion is happening this time around.

Directed by Harsh Dedhia and Samar Shaikh, season 2 of “Dev DD” is broadcast on Zee 5 and Alt Balaji. The show also stars Sanjay Suri, Aman Uppal, Nauheed Cyrusi, Rashmi Agdekar, Rumana Molla, Deepika Amin and Suneel Sihna.

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