Artificial intelligence support is coming to scooters!

Researchers have developed it using artificial intelligence to improve scooter navigation. Scooters now understand where pedestrians are and what obstacles await the person driving. Artificial intelligence support is coming to scooters!

Artificial intelligence support comes to scooters to detect pavements and pedestrians

European electric scooter company Voi has added an artificial intelligence algorithm to its device to enable vehicles to detect pedestrians and pavements. Engineers have stated that they are confident that this method will improve chaotic traffic patterns in many cities around the world.

The manufacturer uses software from the Irish company Luna. Edge AI is a tool that only stores algorithms and associated data on a hardware device and doesn’t rely on a remote server. This provides high speed performance due to low latency.

Luna technology consists of several components, a new generation GPS sensor that can position the scooter with an accuracy of 3 cm. It also includes computer vision sensors that allow the scooter to detect pedestrians and pavements.

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Voi CEO Fredrik Hjelm said: We are working on scooters that can “see” what is happening around, analyze this data and understand what to do next to protect the driver. Now vehicles rely solely on the driver’s senses, trying to predict how pedestrians will move, not understanding where dangerous or difficult road sections can wait for them.

With this feature, it will help regulate the movement of scooters and keep them out of places where they shouldn’t be moving. Therefore, artificial intelligence will become a useful tool as it eliminates the need for large bandwidth and computing power. The scooter can be controlled and operated in real time.

“This solution from Luna and Voi uses a camera as a sensor and AI bandwidth segmentation that runs on high-end cars, giving us data that is really useful when we’re on the road,” said Luna researcher Ronan Furlong. said.

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