Are Netflix and actors trying to hide something?

No, it’s not a conspiracy – but Netflix and the actors are each trying to hide something else.

In this episode we are talking about …

  • How the UK government started to require streaming services to provide data on how many people are watching their shows.
  • Like movie industry data – like box office numbers – has always been public, but streaming services have kept their data very private.
  • How Netflix wants control over which of their numbers come out and when.
  • How YouTube has very public data that resulted in lawsuits when metrics changed.
  • How this data can be used to help artists and creatives – but also that data isn’t always useful, especially if not interpreted with sophistication.
  • Whether actors are allowed to be taller than they are.
  • How this all came down to a tweet about male actors exaggerating their height, which sparked some controversy on Twitter.
  • When altitude is important and when not.
  • Tech news this week is pretty quiet – but tune in again next week for a deep dive into Blackmagic!
  • A follow-up question when Charles recently mentioned his job reading scripts and specific reasons he found certain scripts below average.
  • How often does the script reader read part of the beginning and part of the end rather than the entire script.
  • Why you really have to write what interests you.

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