Apple wants us to play with iPhone 12

It seemed that thanks to the elimination of accessories, their prices would be maintained, but nothing could be further from the truth

We have been talking for many weeks about the changes that the Cupertino firm could introduce in its new iPhone 12. And more than changes by choice, we have always thought that they would be rather by obligation. Since the new mobiles will have 5G, which is why they would be more expensive than their predecessors. For that reason we have seen information that Apple would be considering the possibility of dispensing with the headphones and the original charger in the phone box, in order to maintain a competitive price, or at least the same as previous generations. But as we now know, nothing could be further from the truth.

In the end without accessories or price reduction

Now new information confirms that indeed there will be no headphones or factory charger with the iPhone 12. The new information suggests that both the EarPods and the charger will be sold separately. Well, that is something that we have assumed more or less these months, but what we did not expect is that in addition to losing these accessories, those who got an iPhone 12 were going to have to pay the same or more than for their predecessors. And that is what would be confirmed with these new information, since they also detail the prices of the new iPhone 12. These would be the following in dollars:

iPhone 12: starting price between $ 699 and $ 749
iPhone 12 Max: starting price between $ 799 and $ 849
iPhone 12 Pro: starting price between $ 1,049 and $ 1,099
iPhone 12 Pro Max: starting price between $ 1,149 and $ 1,199

Based on these prices in the United States, an increase in these compared to its predecessors could be expected, so that those information that pointed to a cheaper iPhone 12 would not correspond at all to these. The reality therefore would be very different for users who are inclined to get hold of the iPhone 12, and not only would they be left without the factory accessories, but they would also have to pay more for the phone than for the current model. Another possibility that fits is that Apple once again has done a good job protecting the information on its devices, and this information may be more of a game of confusion than something else.

iPhone 12 with 5G

This year Apple promises to offer important news in its iPhone 12. First because they will be precisely the first mobile phones of the brand to have this connectivity. And secondly, because its design will be very different from the current iPhone 11. And that will recover the appearance that the iPhone 4 and SE had, with straight and square edges, something more similar to the current iPad Pro. In addition, it is Hopefully we will have a fourth iPhone 12, a larger model for the standard iPhone 12, with a Max size screen. It will in fact be the year that more new iPhones are presented, and also later than ever, probably in the first or second week of October.

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