Apple could end iPhone 6s and SE 2016 with iOS 15

Are Apple phones expensive? Are. But the company has a good reputation for the durability of its smartphones. With good construction, they also receive many years of software updates.

While on Android, at least not all brands deliver two years of updates, Apple usually offers five for their devices. Well, as it launches devices every year, it is inevitable that every year one or another device will leave the company’s official support list.

With a good reputation in the industry, The Verifier says that with the arrival of iOS 15 in the second half of 2021, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE (2016) will no longer receive updates. That is, the devices should remain on iOS 14. This is the same source that anticipated the discontinuity of updates for certain devices with the launch of iOS 12.

If this is confirmed, Apple’s decision will make a lot of sense: the iPhone 6s will have received four years of updates, a mark to make any Android smartphone envious; and the iPhone SE will have been consecrated for a period of four years as well. It is worth mentioning that the company launched a new generation for the latter this 2020.

Thus, all Apple phones from the iPhone 7, in 2016, would receive iOS 15. In the case of the device mentioned, this may be the last update in its life cycle, but it is too early to anticipate Apple’s decisions.

It is worth remembering, Samsung started to give special care to its top of the line and popular middlemen. The company was one of the Android phone makers to offer only two version updates, but in 2020 it changed some internal policies and will support devices for three years.

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