Apple accused of knowingly reducing lifespan

Technology giant Apple faced an accusation for the repairability of its devices in the investigation conducted by the Environmental Audit Committee. The committee claimed that Apple reduced the life of the devices by reducing their repairability.

The US-based technology giant Apple was recently fined a hefty fine for deliberately slowing down its iPhone model smartphones. The company faced a $ 113 million fine for this so-called ‘batterygate’ situation. But Apple’s problem is not over yet.

According to The Guardian’s report, an investigation conducted by the Environmental Audit Committee puts huge pressure on technology giants such as Apple. It is reported that companies do not take all the necessary precautions regarding their electronic waste. However, Apple is also criticized from a different side in the same case.

In trouble due to low repairability:

We all know how difficult it is to repair Apple’s technological devices. This has led parliamentarians in the UK to accuse Apple of ‘established obsolescence’. Parliamentarians claimed that Apple intentionally made their products difficult to repair.

In their report, parliamentarians complained about Apple’s built-in obsolescence, saying that this reduced the lifetimes of the company’s devices. Investigation by parliamentarians revealed that tech companies like Apple are gluing and soldering internal components, making any repair virtually impossible.

In the same report, it was said that especially Apple devices are extremely expensive to repair, so their users are confused. The report stated that this confusion eventually prompted users to renew their product. Apple’s response to the report of parliamentarians covering both the environment and this claim was quick:

“We were surprised and disappointed by the Environmental Audit Committee report, which did not reflect Apple’s resources and efforts to protect the planet we all share. There are more options for customers to trade, recycle and get safer, quality repairs than ever before, and the latest Apple Watch, iPad. and all of our iPhone range uses recycled material in key components. ”

“We will continue to work with parliament and government to document Apple’s industry-leading commitments and support our joint efforts to leave a clean economy and healthy planet for the next generation.”

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