Apex Legends Value Could Reach Billion Dollars

Apex Legends continues to make big money for Electronic Arts. The company’s new battle royale game could become one of the most important revenue items at the end of the fiscal year.

The popular game type Battle Royale in recent years has managed to create a large market for itself. Electronic Arts, the giant of the gaming industry, also released Apex Legends to get a share of this cake. The firm looks like it got a pretty big slice.

Blake Jorgensen, EA COO and CFO, made a statement about the success of the game. According to Jorgensen, the game has the potential to reach a billion dollar value at the end of this fiscal year.

A billion dollars a year

In his comments on the subject, Jorgensen underlined the success of the game and said, “Apex Legends may be our latest brand to reach $ 1 billion at the end of the fiscal year.” said. “All of our studios run incredibly well and have given us the opportunity to release eight games that have driven the industry since the beginning of the fiscal year. In the meantime, they provided live service contents and expanded to new platforms. ” said.

In terms of gross earnings, the production from FPS game developer Respawn Entertainment is expected to reach $ 500 million. This means an increase of 24% compared to last year. The game made live service services and other resources $ 846 million last quarter, according to EA. In terms of revenue, it was announced that Apex Legends reached The Sims 4. The game that passed Madden Ultimate remained behind FIFA Ultimate Team.

Apex Legends arrives on Steam

Jorgensen said that their focus is doing everything they can for their employees, players, and communities. The EA manager also made his gratitude to the EA teams for being able to offer players content and experience during these difficult times.

Apex Legends was released on Steam last week and as soon as it was released, it reached a very high player count. With the Season 7 Batlle Pass, the game is also made a little easier to progress, so it can reach the target of $ 1 billion.

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