Another! Spotify starts testing Stories feature in the app

Whoever thought that the presence of publications in the format of “stories” was already too much with the editions for Snapchat, Facebook, WhasApp, Instagram and Twitter certainly will not like this news: Spotify started testing its own version of the service in its application.

The news, as strange as it may seem, is real and the streaming service has already started making “publications” available in stories in the app. In tests carried out in our newsroom, at least four accounts in the application already have the functionality.

The news was shared by user @TmarTn on Twitter, who posted a video on how Spotify stories work.

Basically, the resource is available in specific playlists and will show excerpts from comments by musicians, artists or influencers on the theme of the music list. The example shown in the video is from a list of Christmas songs and their stories contain comments on favorite moments of the holiday season for some artists, such as American singer Kelly Clarkson.

So far there is no information on which other playlists can already count on Spotify stories and they could be played both on free accounts and on profiles with paid subscription enabled. It is important to emphasize, however, that since it is a resource in the testing phase, it may be that not everyone receives the stories at first.

Spotify has individual subscription plans, duo, family and university and has already begun to undergo a readjustment in values ​​in some countries.

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