Another Improvement Happening That iPhone 12 Series Is Delayed

Experienced Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made important statements regarding the iPhone 12 series. Saying that high-tech lenses will be available on iPhone 12, Kuo states that lens shipment can be started in July at the earliest. This statement supports the claims that iPhone 12 may be delayed.

US-based technology giant Apple has been on the agenda for a long time with new iPhone models. The coronavirus epidemic, which was troubled by the whole world in 2020, turned everyone’s plans upside down, and Apple became one of the companies that got its share. A recent development is an indication that the iPhone 12 might be seriously delayed.

Experienced Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has announced that high-end camera lenses will be used on the iPhone 12s. Avoiding to give detailed information about these lenses, Kuo states that Largan, who produces the camera lenses of the iPhone 12, will start sending lenses by July. This shipping date is interpreted as an indication that the iPhone 12 may be delayed.

This year, Largan had to delay the shipment of the products he prepared for the second half of the year. Moreover, this delay is in the range of about 4-6 weeks. The company had been making an intense shipment to Apple between August and October in recent years. However, this year, if the process is the same as in previous years, Apple will have the lenses it ordered between September and November. So this will affect the release date of iPhone 12.

Apple’s recent claims, especially the recent claims, will delay the promotion of the iPhone 12 series. Apple, on the other hand, has not made any statement regarding this matter. But the fact of coronavirus will put Apple in serious trouble, as other companies do. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that Apple cannot stand out in any way.

It is currently unknown how the camera setup of the iPhone 12 will work. However, Kuo made some explanations about this subject in recent times. According to Kuo’s explanations, the iPhone 12 would have 7-element lenses, which would provide a much more advanced camera experience for users than iPhone 11. Apple’s iPhone 12 promotional event will uncover all the details about these phones.

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