Angad Bedi reveals why he doesn’t show his daughter Mehr’s face on social media

Angad Bedi explains why he avoids showing his daughter’s face on social media (Photo credit: Instagram / Angad Bedi)

Bollywood couple Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia often post pictures of family outings on social media, but so far they’ve made sure their two-year-old daughter Mehr’s face hasn’t never been exposed for the camera. Angad says it is their efforts as parents to protect the child from media scrutiny. However, when she grows up, she is free to be in the limelight if she wants to.

“I get a lot of fan requests to see her photo and I feel like everyone wants to see her. She is her own person. She’s two years old right now and maybe when she’s five or six she’ll ask us why we don’t publish her picture. This can be asked of us. We just want to secure her and if in the future she is comfortable with her images, we are not the type to question that. Until she agrees, we would like to protect her, ”Angad told IANS.

He continues: “There is a situation where the images are too followed and become impressionable. There’s too much pressure and we want to take her away from that, but in the years to come she’s okay with that pressure, we’re not going to challenge it too.

The actor, who has been a part of films such as’ Pink ‘,’ Soorma ‘and’ The Zoya Factor ‘, adds,’ I think you have to protect your family, which I try to do my best, but we also need to understand that we are part of a famous profession, which is going to be bound by media scrutiny. I think if we are okay with positivity, we should also be okay with that aspect too, which Neha and I are on many levels. We’re just trying to protect her until she builds her own understanding. The day she begins to understand, we won’t have a problem.

With the advent of smartphones, many fans follow their idols for selfies. The actors sometimes oblige willingly, but they also sometimes leave without entertaining the fans. Angad does not support this behavior.

“Our job is to be seen. We work hard to be seen and when people (other actors) start to stand out they wear their sunglasses and hide their faces. You should be happy that people want to take a picture of you and that you are a person that people want to see. You have a profession where you have to be seen, ”he says.

“What I mean is when you work so hard to be recognized by your work. A lot of people don’t get pictures or sign autographs and complain that it’s too crowded. You’ve worked too hard all the years to get this crowd together and when it finally happens, you complain. If people are investing their time to see you, then you should be happy to invest in them because you have worked your whole life to invest in it, ”the actor explains.

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