Amitabh Bachchan lists contributions while responding to ‘unpleasant comments’ from celebrities not doing enough amid COVID Criss: Bollywood News

India is currently battling the second wave of COVID-19 which has caused widespread havoc in the country. In the midst of this crisis, many people, including movie celebrities, have stepped forward to help those in need. However, there are also people who criticize celebrities for not doing enough.

Amitabh Bachchan took to his blog to respond to people who criticized celebrities for not contributing to COVID relief. The superstar also revealed the donations he made without disclosing the amount as he said it was embarrassing.

“Yes, I do charity, but I never believed that it was done, that spoken … it’s embarrassing, in too much self-awareness … of someone who has ever felt shy public presence despite profession – one that has to find its usp in the public domain is relevant to me today .. (sic), ”he wrote in the blog.

“The pressure though… the daily abuse and the grime of unpleasant comments never caught the eye of either me or the family. to arrive… so all the efforts continued in peace… no disclosure to the news agencies… not to speak about it either… only the receiver knew it and it was the end (sic) ”, a- he adds.

Sharing details of his contribution to the fight against COVID, he wrote:

“Over 1,500 bank loans to farmers were repaid from my personal fund and kept them from committing suicide, as suicides grew … from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, UP et al. And in attendance. representatives of the bank, pay them in person and get them to write off the loan, give each farmer the document that he no longer owes, that his loan was finished and completed and repaid to the bank. could not all be present .. a bogie on the train reserved for a limited number of 30 to 50 of them, from their respective cities in UP, received in Mumbai, put by bus, given a trip from Mumbai city , brought to Janak, fed and handed over the loan cancellation certificate and put back on the train back home … all at my expense.

The brave soldiers at the border of the country who had been martyred, their lists wanted and their families, young wives and children, some pregnant and waiting women, were rescued. The martyrs of Pulwama after the terrible terrorist attack, their families spread over all the territory contacted and brought to Janak and gave his help .. at the hands of Abhishek and Shweta …

Those who suffered during CoViD last year .. provide food for over 400,000 daily workers in the country for a month .. feed nearly 5,000 in the city each day for lunch and dinner.

We provided masks, PPE units to frontline warriors, police hospitals by the thousands .. with personal funds .. a donation to the Sikh committee that helped migrants return home on interstate buses, where the drivers were mostly Sikhs. When migrants walked home, some without the benefit or affordability of shoes … provided them with hundreds of chappals and shoes … due to lack of transportation, booked 30 buses to places in the UP and Bihar and provided them with food and water for the overnight trip.

I booked an entire train from Mumbai to UP to carry 2800 migrant passengers for free at my expense .. and when the destination state prevented the siskin from entering their state and canceled the train .. immediately chartered 3 Indigo Airline planes and flew nearly 180 migrants in each flight to UP and Bihar and some to Rajasthan and J&K.

And as the virus spread, donated an entire diagnostic center .. opened at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in Delhi through the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee, set up at the premises of the Gurudwara for medical aid to the poor and needy. other ultrasound and scanning equipment cost beyond my means, but put in place anyway .. in memory of my Nana, Naani and my Mother ..

A 250 to 450 bed health center set up with an additional donation to the Rakabganj Sahib Gurudwara today in Delhi and soon to buy them O2 (oxygen) concentrators, not in stock or readily available, from a limited stock from overseas to be given to Delhi where the needs are immense and some in Mumbai .. arriving in the week .. 50 of them coming from Poland on the 15th and the rest about 150 from the United States can -be .. orders placed, some have arrived and given to the hospital in need. .

Ventilators of immediate need at BMC and municipal hospitals have been ordered .. about twenty of them, of course within my limited means, must be delivered, in a few days .. ten have arrived today and in customs will be delivered. .

A 25- to 50-bed hospital care center setting up at the Juhu army site in a school hall, the Ritambhara school, with all facilities and should be set up by the 12th. may.

3 very important detection machines donated to Nanavati hospital last week to help detect CoviD .. Feeding around 1000 people in the slums and poor areas of the city.

The young children .. orphans by the sudden death of the parents, left in oblivion .. have adopted 2 and will be placed in an orphanage in Hyderabad .. their student board and accommodation free until the end of the school .. from 1 to 10 .. and if they turn out brilliant to offer them free higher education… and more, as the means are affordable.

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