‘American Idol’ dropout Wyatt Pike opens up about leaving – Deadline

Singer Wyatt Pike has finally addressed his confusing departure from the musical reality show American Idol earlier this week.

Ryan Seacrest broke the news about Pike on the show on Monday. “I have to tell you that finalist Wyatt Pike will not be competing,” Seacrest said. “He had to give up. But we wish him the best.

Today’s Instagram post by Pike shed little light on the “why” of his departure.

The Park City, Utah resident said he had to quit the show for “personal reasons,” but did not elaborate. He also wished the remaining contestants good luck and said he was grateful to be able to continue playing music.

Just before Pike left, his rendition of the song Kings of Leon Use Somebody was well received by the judges. Katy Perry called him an “authentic singer-songwriter” and seemed to imply that he was a leader in the competition. Luke Bryan said Pike was “going to be able to make music for the rest of his life” while Lionel Richie said Pike was about to “do something big”.

This Sunday, April 18, the Season’s Top 12 will perform Oscar-nominated songs in hopes of securing America’s Top 10 vote.e the place will be taken by one of the 10 candidates from last season.

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