AMC to buy Arclight – how do filmmakers ask for a raise?

Is there a good way to ask for a raise?

In this episode we talk about …

  • AMC Entertainment recently sold $ 230 million worth of shares to go on a shopping spree.
  • How the stock market encourages large companies and does not support smaller companies such as independent cinemas.
  • Whether or not movie theaters are a dying model and why tech companies may not be ready to buy them.
  • Best practices for maintaining a customer base – including finding new customers.
  • The art of sending cold emails and when to send them.
  • How to use social media to keep in touch with contacts.
  • Tips for asking for a raise and why it can feel very personal and emotional.
  • Why is there sometimes just no money in the budget for a raise?
  • How unfortunately some entry-level jobs do not and will not pay a living wage.
  • Why you need to be ready and able to walk away if you want to “win” the negotiation process.
  • Know the value of your skills and remember that businesses make money off of you.
  • The frustration of jobs that don’t post a salary in the job advertisement.
  • Deity has just launched the BP-TRX, which is both a transmitter and a receiver, with built-in local recording of a timecode that allows you to do more with fewer devices.
  • How Kyno is not dead!

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