Amazon Web Services is unstable affects other services

Cloud services from Amazon Web Services – or AWS – started to show instability today, November 25, and “knocked down” several services and applications, both from Jeff Bezos’ own company and from third parties.

According to the company, this is an instability of the network located on the east coast of the United States, which mainly involves the northern region of the state of Virginia: “The Kinesis Data Streams API is currently impaired in the US-EAST- 1 ”, explains the North American company in the Amazon Web Services status panel.

Among the applications and services affected are the virtual assistant Alexa, which is present in accessories such as the Echo Dot and Echo Show, for example, and the streaming service from Amazon Music – both owned by the Bezos group. In addition, apps and websites like Adobe Spark, Duolingo, Flickr, League of Legends, Pokémon GO and Roku were also targets of complaints after the downturn of AWS.

Amazon Web Services offers cloud service for several companies and separates networks by regions, so companies can choose the most suitable infrastructure for their customers in relation to location.

the Downdetector website indicated a large number of complaints for various services during the same period, such as iFood, Claro, PicPay, UOL. However, there is no information as to whether these drops are related to AWS instability. In addition, there were also complaints about Amazon’s online store and Amazon Web Services itself in the country.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that the service has failed in this region. In 2017, US-East-1 also had a serious flaw that impacted the functioning of several Internet addresses.

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