Amazon Takes Rights to Jessica Biel Freeform Series – Deadline

Amazon Prime Video has taken the global rights to Freeform’s upcoming thriller drama series Cruel summer (formerly known as Last summer), by Bert V. Royal, Jessica Biel, eOne and Iron Ocean Productions.

Amazon will launch the series outside of the United States, Canada, and China after it launches on Freeform. Cruel summer takes place over three summers – 1993-95 – in a small town in Texas when a popular beautiful teenager, Kate (Olivia Holt), is kidnapped and, apparently unrelated, a daughter, Jeanette (Chiara Aurelia), passes from status from sweet and goofy more aberrant to the most popular girl in town and, in 1995, the most despised person in America. Each episode is told from the perspective of one of the two main girls, which will see viewer loyalty constantly shifting as more and more information is revealed.

“With Cruel summer, Jessica Biel, Michelle Purple, Bert V. Royal and Tia Napolitano have created a unique drama in which Prime members around the world will bite their nails as this mysterious story unfolds, ”said Brad Beale, Vice President, Acquisition global content for Prime Video.

The show was created and produced by Royal, with Tia Napolitano as showrunner and executive producer. Max Winkler directed and produced the pilot. eOne owns the worldwide distribution rights for the series (excluding the United States and Canada), including the second windows.

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