Amazon Studios Joins HFPA Avoidance Until It Overwrites Diversity – Deadline

Add Amazon Studios to the growing list of organizations that have said they won’t work with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association until it significantly revamps its diversity and inclusion initiatives.

“We have not worked with the HFPA since these issues were first raised, and like the rest of the industry, we are waiting for a sincere and meaningful resolution before moving forward,” said an Amazon Studios spokesperson.

Previously, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos spoke out against the HFPA organization. His sentiments mirrored those expressed by many Hollywood publicists, the media organization GLAAD, Time’s Up and the National Assn. black journalists.

“Like many in our industry, we await today’s announcement in the hope that you will recognize the scale of the issues the HFPA faces and provide a clear roadmap for change,” wrote Streamer’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos on Thursday. to the board of directors of HFPA that the fidgetcube obtained.

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The senior officer’s correspondence arrived on May 6 after about 75 of the 86 members of the island HFPA voted for a proposal for inclusion and review that the group’s board of directors tabled earlier this week. The HFPA has been scrambling since it was revealed just before the semi-virtual Golden Globes on February 28 that the freewheeling group had no black members.

Amid a string of stumbles and criticism since, the HFPA has seen racist remarks from a former president and new diversity and inclusion adviser, Dr Shaun Harper and Supreme fixer /Scandal inspiration Judy Smith resigned in frustration last month.

In this context and under pressure from NBC, owned by Comcast, which broadcasts the Globes, the HFPA hoped that this week would be the time when things started to change. They may have been a little too optimistic.

“Today’s vote is an important first step,” Sarandos noted in Thursday’s letter to HFPA officials. “However, we do not believe that these proposed new policies – particularly with regard to the size and rate of membership growth – will address the systemic challenges of diversity and inclusion of the HFPA, or the lack of clear standards for how your members should operate.

“So we are stopping all activity with your organization until more significant changes are made.

“We know you have many well-meaning members who want real change – and we all still have work to do to create a fair and inclusive industry,” Sarandos added in conclusion. “But Netflix and many of the talent and creators we work with cannot ignore the HFPA’s collective failure to address these critical issues with urgency and rigor.”

Although calibrated and analyzed, Sarandos’ letter warning the HFPA and turning off the tap from the newspaper-led nonprofit to one of the biggest sources of talent and content must strike where it counts. wrong.

The HFPA responded to Sarandos with a statement.

“We hear your concerns about the changes our association needs to make and want to assure you that we are working diligently on each of them,” current HFPA president Ali Sar wrote in Sarandos later on Friday. “We would love to meet you and your team so that we can review the very specific actions that are already underway,” he added. “An open dialogue would help ensure that we address these concerns as quickly as possible.” Sar then took issue with several of Sarandos and Netflix’s claims about the state of the organization and its reforms – Read the full HFPA response below.

Previously, 100 global PR firms had publicly stated that they would “continue to refrain from any HFPA sanctioned event, including press conferences, unless and until such matters are clarified in detail. with a firm commitment to a calendar that respects the imminent reality of the 2022 season ”.

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