Amazon Sets Up a Special Unit to Detect Fastening Products

E-commerce giant Amazon has announced that it has set up a new unit to identify vendors selling counterfeit goods through its online store. The new unit of Amazon will launch formal action on vendors listing counterfeit products after detecting counterfeit goods.

Amazon has been struggling against the fastening products that have been on sale for a while. The e-commerce giant, which has been having problems with counterfeit products for years, has set up a new unit called Counterfeit Product Crimes Unit to identify vendors selling counterfeit goods.

New unit of Amazon to detect counterfeit products; It was created from former federal prosecutors, experienced researchers and data analysts. The unit will pursue vendors from around the world who sell counterfeit goods through Amazon.

Explaining about the fight against counterfeit goods, Amazon also stated that it has a counterfeiting program designed to detect counterfeit products on its website. The new unit will identify sellers who somehow managed to avoid fraud or violate Amazon’s policies on this issue.

In addition to being authorized to review Amazon’s data, Amazon’s new unit also has the authority to collect information from payment services and external intelligence sources. The unit will also cooperate with law enforcement agencies across the world against Amazon dealers selling counterfeit goods, and the special unit of Amazon will also collaborate with brands.

While Amazon is establishing a special unit for the detection of counterfeit sellers, it should also be noted that it is not the first time that it has taken any concrete steps in this field. The world giant recently collaborated with Italian-based fashion company Valentino and filed a lawsuit against a New York-based counterfeiting. It is not known whether the anti-counterfeiting unit of Amazon contributed to the filing of this case.

Commenting on the steps taken by Amazon against counterfeit goods, Dharmesh Mehta, Amazon’s Customer Trust and Partner Support Minister, said that sellers selling counterfeit products were warned at all levels. Mehta thanked the law enforcement officers working in this field and announced that they would continue to support governments in this field.

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