Amazon released full episodes of RPG ‘Starfinder on Alexa

It is not new that Amazon has been constantly working to offer implementations and innovations in the personal assistant Alexa that show its differential, which includes features and even the possibility of acquiring skills with new voices (including that of Samuel L Jackson for the American market) .

Now, Amazon’s bet for the assistant who uses the personal assistant in English (USA, Great Britain, Canada and Australia) in the United States is due to the availability of a science fiction RPG called Starfinder, a few months after the first episode (called “Scoundrels in the Spike”), totaling six episodes.

According to information released by Amazon, the production required the presence of a cast with 13 members in the studio to record the 745 pages of the material, totaling 125 hours of work to generate the content in question, which promises to please those who enjoy table RPGs.

Another important point to note is that the arrival of the project reinforces the accessibility of RPG for the visually impaired, allowing Alexa to tell the story and thus make the content enjoyed by everyone.

To trigger the new adventure, the user must install the skill “Starfinder”, call Alexa and give the command “play the Starfinder game” (or something like “play Starfinder”), however it should be noted that the content is considered premium, giving the pilot and the first episode and charging for the others, being the value of US $ 2 in single purchases or US $ 10 in the purchase of the package.

It is worth noting that for now, only the first half of the season is available, with the final three episodes expected to be available sometime in mid-October.

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