Amazon is considering buying MGM

Another studio merger is still pending …

As the dust settles on a possible merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, The information reports that Amazon intervenes to buy MGM. Not only does this strengthen their streaming library of new and old titles, but it also gives them access to a studio lot that allows them to prioritize more original content.

Amazon’s offer to buy MGM is estimated to be around $ 9 billion diversity.

MGM owns titles like Carrie, Logan’s run, Get Shorty, the real housewives of Beverly Hills, The Hills and has franchises like Creed and James Bond. It’s an extensive catalog full of profitable titles that Amazon can use to create its own reboots, remakes, and intellectual property. Not to mention the popular originals.

MGM has been a force in film and television for nearly 100 years. Why should MGM sell?

We know they expected the new James Bond movie to make money, and COVID made sure that never happened. They held offers for the movie franchise to debut on streamers, but no deals were made. Over the past few years MGM has had several financial problems and we have reported that they have been trying to sell since at least December 2020.

This is a no-brainer for Amazon when they have the money. You already have over 200 million subscribers and want to collect more every day. Adding MGM’s work can help them diversify and open up old Hollywood. You will control franchises and buy pedigree.

We’ll let you know how it shakes out!

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