Amazon announces partnership with CrossFireX Studio

Amazon Gaming announces a partnership with Korean studio Smilegate, creators of CrossFire, to launch a new game in 2021

With multiple Amazon Games projects already in development and underway, such as MMORPG New World, it appears that the new service has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Amazon announced today that its gaming arm is ready to work with Smilegate, the studio behind the popular FPS Crossfire.

In a blog post on the Amazon Games website, the vice president of Amazon’s games division emphasized Smilegate’s “strong track record in creating great games that players love, designed to deliver years of fun.”

The latter part of that quote could hint at a “live” game, similar to the game recently announced by the developers of Shadow Warrior. Although nothing is certain at the moment, a later quote confirms that the game will focus on online play like Crossfire.

Amazon will work on a video game like Crossfire

Little is known about the videogame, other than its online nature and a 2021 release window. Whether it will eventually see a console release like Smilegate’s CrossfireX, as well as the game’s genre and setting, has yet to be determined. While it would normally be safe to look at a studio’s previous work to help determine what kind of game they’ll be doing next, Smilegate has a history of making a variety of different games within unique genres. This project in line with Amazon’s Prime video game service could really be anything.

Smilegate and Amazon’s new partnership is one of many projects Amazon Games is working on, with MMO New World and the next Lord of the Rings game still on the way. Players can keep an eye out for more news about the game soon, although exactly when that information will arrive has not been specified.

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