Alyson Hannigan so rich, the amount of her fortune

Are you curious about how much Alyson Hannigan’s fortune is? A hint: it is very high!

Contrary to rumors, Alyson Hannigan was not at all cold with Cobie Smulders during the How I Met Your Mother era. The two co-stars got along wonderfully. Nostalgic fans will be delighted to learn that this is still the case today. The interpreter of Lily Aldrin is still so close to her playing partners, six years after the end of the series. A role that has allowed him to find a nice place in the American audiovisual landscape. But not only. The 46-year-old star can boast of having a successful career under her belt, evidenced by her impressive fortune. According to estimates from the site Celebrity Net Worth, Alyson Hannigan is at the head of an estate estimated at 40 million dollars.

You may not know it, but Alyson Hannigan started working in the 80s. At 11, she was already on our screens. After going through the series Roseanne, Veronica Mars or Buffy the vampire slayer, the sublime redhead caused a sensation in the cinema with the sulphurous franchise American Pie. On the business side, the actress also invests in real estate by buying and selling properties that are more luxurious than the others. And like all stars, she also does product placements on Instagram. You will understand, Alyson Hannigan who hated kissing Jason Segel in How I Met Your Mother, has not finished making her money grow. It’s all the harm we wish him!

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