Altcoin That Whales Flocked Has Been Determined

Altcoin That Whales Flocked Has Been Determined. The whales collected 6% of the total BAT supply in the past 5 days.

Looking at the CoinMarketCap data, Basic Attention Token , also known as the cryptocurrency of the Brave internet browser, is one of the popular altcoins that have achieved a double digit rise in the last 24 hours. Celsius, Aave, Basic Attention Token and Horizen are among the cryptocurrencies that enjoy the rise as of the hour of the press.

BAT Whales Gone Wild

Nevertheless, it seems that among the cryptocurrencies in question, there are much more interesting details on BAT’s chart. Crypto research firm Santiment has revealed that BAT and REP whales have been very active for the past 5 days. Researchers found that BAT whales had purchased 5.94% of the total supply over the past 5 days, and BAT wallets that did not belong to the stock exchanges also collected $ 53.63 million in BAT last week.

Although many crypto investors do not fully understand the reason for this interest in BAT, it seems to be related to a recent trend. BAT has been on the rise with the DeFi frenzy, and traders are earning a serious BAT with a method known as yield farming.

In addition, it is seen that the vast majority of cryptocurrencies that have achieved a serious rise in the last 24 hours have been able to achieve this through DeFi.

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