Allen v. Farrow and movie summary (2021)

In its second half, “Allen v. Farrow” questions the culture that believed – or wanted to believe – the Allen side of the story, while also accepting Farrow as a despised girlfriend and mother after Allen left the relationship for. be with Farrow Soon’s adopted daughter Yi Previn. Another gruesome development is the custody battle that took place in the midst of the investigation, in which Allen sought out custody of Dylan and his son Satchel (now known as Ronan) in vengeance. The series is mostly focused as it moves from one big chapter to the next, and its impact comes from accumulation – seeing all of these developments in the same narrative gives a richer idea of ​​the distortion of the sense of justice. public. , and still can be.

There is something very sharp about the way this documentary balances the personal experience of the Farrows, while also considering the public aspect. He knows that many viewers will come in with a little love for Allen’s films and provides them with an honest but not affectionate analysis of what his romance films young and old mean while also acknowledging the “good art,” argument. bad behaviour”. And his investigation is prepared for deniers and devil’s advocates, spanning many angles – the account that Dylan was dragged away by Mia, or the more recent statement by Brother Farrow, Moses, which can be refuted with the original testimony of the court, or the report that initially “erased” Allen, although he did not have the authority to do so. It is incredibly thorough throughout its four-plus hours without being repetitive, and like previous Dick & documentaries. Ziering, he’s ready for a fight.

If you want to hear Allen’s side of the story, just refer to how the media covered it as it unfolded. But while Allen does not appear in the documentary (he declined interview requests), he is understood – last year he recorded an audiobook for his memoir. About nothing, and this series takes into account his interpretation of certain chapters on his relationship with Farrow, the children and his recollection of the incident. A more disturbing version of Allen comes out in taped phone recordings, his vindictive and monotonous voice while igniting a calmly defensive Farrow, a particularly ominous and revealing sight. There are clear patterns of manipulation, as the film takes into account his loyalty as a public figure, well aware of how to alternately influence an audience and control those closest to them. For all the dots he connects between his narcissism and his semi-autobiographical romantic films we all know, this confirms that there is so much we cannot claim to know about his behavior. His career has taught us to see him as someone relatively small, but this documentary takes a step back from the world he presented, showing just how huge and shameless he can choose to be as a star. elite.

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