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Imagine taking adventurous underwater shots with your GoPro and suddenly running out of storage space. I bet none of us will want to go through a situation like this. Well, you don’t have to go through any of them knowing how many minutes of video there are per GB.

This post will tell you how many minutes you can record on different sized memory cards. Go through the article for a quick look at the calculation.

How many minutes of video per GB?

Well it depends on the resolution of the video. Typically, about 1.8 minutes of video can be recorded on one gigabyte of memory. The calculation applies to 2.7k videos. On the other hand, you can record around 3.6 minutes of videos per gigabyte at 4k resolution. The calculation applies to the GoPro devices.

So how many hours can you record per GB of storage? Well, it is not possible to record “hours” of video on every GB of storage. If we calculate the amount, you can record up to 0.06 hours of video on each GB at 2.7k resolution, which is about 3.6 minutes.

So how long can you record on the memory card memory?

Here, too, the recording time varies depending on the video resolution. If you record the videos in 4k with a screen ratio of 16: 9, you can record around 28.8 minutes of video on the GoPro. It is 57.6 minutes for the 32 GB memory card and 115.2 minutes for the 64 GB memory card. The recording time is about 230.4 minutes with 64 GB and 230.4 minutes with 128 GB of the memory card.

16 GB memory card capacity

As already mentioned, you can record around 28.8 minutes of video in the standard definition of a GoPro camera on the 16 GB memory card. That means you can record about 0.48 hours of video on the storage device. Additionally, it becomes about nine videos if the recorded video size varies by about 3 minutes on average.

32 GB memory card capacity

If you record videos at 4k resolution at 60 fps, you will record about 57 minutes of footage. That is, you can store around 0.96 hours of video on a 32GB memory card on the GoPro device. It averages around 19 videos in 3 minutes.

64 GB memory card capacity

With the regular resolution of GoPro cameras, you can record 115.2 minutes of video on the 64GB camera. There will be about 1.92 hours of footage. If you record videos for about 3 minutes, you can record about 38 videos on the 64 GB memory card.

What affects the video size?

The video size depends on several factors. Here are some of the most important things that affect video size:

  • Video bit rate is one of the most critical factors affecting video size. In case you didn’t know, it means how many bits the video is recording per second. For example, the bit rate of a 4k video is around 8 Mbit / s to 70 Mbit / s. The bit rate changes with FPS – the higher the FPS, the higher the bit rate.
  • Another crucial factor influencing video size is the frame rate or frame per second (FPS). The file size increases as you record at a higher frame rate per second.
  • The next factor is video length and you should already know it. The size of a ten minute video is doubled compared to a five minute video.
  • The video size also depends on the format of the video. For example, videos in AVI format are typically smaller than MP4 format. The GoPro cameras record the video material in MP4 format.

It is advisable to decide how many videos to record before your next trip. It will help you take appropriate storage devices with you to take photos for the length of time you want. The article above explained how video size would vary based on video duration. We hope you never run out of memory while taking pictures with your GoPro.


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