All about the emotional ‘last party’ with a special vintage wine and the real reason Brad Pitt failed the last recording!

FRIENDS Finale: All about the emotional ‘last party’ and the real reason Brad Pitt didn’t make it to the final recording! (PC: NBC / A photo from the FRIENDS finale / Brad Pitt / Getty Images)

After telling you how the FRIENDS reacted after filming the last episode, here we are with another interesting anecdote. This is a “ special person ” absent from the final recording and where the cast party took place before the series finale. It’s also for fans of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, so stick to your seats because it’s going to be a roller coaster ride.

So, starting with what ‘special person’ was missing from the final taping – it’s none other than Brad Pitt. As co-founder of the highly prestigious I Hate Rachel Green Club and David Schwimmer’s pal Ross Geller, Brad was invited to be part of the recording.

The final recording took place in January 2004 (and the last episode aired on May 6 of that year), when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt got married. So Brad was, of course, on the “special” guestlist visiting on the last day of filming. But Brad didn’t want any spoiler to ruin the last episode and he wanted to watch it at his ease. FRIENDS co-creator David Crane revealed to People that Brad asked him not to tell him about what was going on in the last episode.

The other rumors also stated that Brad Pitt was busy filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith during the filming of the last episode. While this story is for another day, the conclusion here is that Brad didn’t make it to the recording.

Now, getting to the exciting part of where our FRIENDS last party while still being a part of the show? The party was held at Pitts, aka Brad, Jennifer’s Beverly Hills mansion (costing $ 13.5 million) four days before the last episode airs.

The cast and crew were greeted with “vintage bottles” of Haut-Brion wine, which have an emotional connection with everyone. This is the wine that FRIENDS producer Kevin S. Bright gave the cast to the cast when they started the show. More and more emotional about it, Bright told people, “It was the fence for all of us.”

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