Alicia Keys is sending V a cute message.

Singer Alicia Keys reacted in this way when she learned that V of the k-pop group BTS is a fan of their music. OMG!

Alicia Keys lovingly showed her support for BTS in response to a tweet from V. On November 19, V took to BTS’s official Twitter account to share a video of himself dancing to Alicia’s “Love Looks Better.” Keys, and showed additional love for the song by naming it specifically in the title.

A few hours later, Alicia Keys shared the video on her own Twitter account and expressed excitement for BTS’s comeback with their new album “BE.”

The American singer-songwriter wrote: “Great love !!! Good morning … everyone ready to BE?!? “Before adding a string of purple hearts.

Taehyung appears driving in new MV

BTS’s “BE (Deluxe Edition)” was released on November 20 at 2 p.m. KST. The new record production of the BangTan Boys has finally been released. It has 8 songs including the successful English single “Dynamite” and his most recent song “Life Goes On”.

In BTS’s new music video, we can appreciate Taehyung’s beauty in such a natural and close way while driving; ARMY has gone crazy with each of the scenes in the clip, which so far has more than 35 million views on YouTube within hours of its premiere.

The album “BE” by the guys from Big Hit Entertainment is a small glimmer of hope for their millions of fans around the world who have had a hard time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

V and his companions were very involved in the creation of this new musical project, which was practically a “surprise” album for the fans, since before the cancellation of the tour of the album Map Of The Soul: 7, the South Koreans did not like each other. stay with their arms crossed, and decided to give more music to their followers.

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