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Silicon Valley Former Alice Wetturlund has responded to allegations of sexual misconduct made against HBO star Thomas Middleditch.

“Tried to warn you about Middleditch but noooooo,” Wetterlund tweeted on Sunday, “he’s not everyone’s favorite tinsmith that looks like a clock!”

Allegations against Middleditch – who currently stars in CBS live-action comedy B positive, and animated from Hulu Solar opposites“Came to light yesterday in a Los Angeles Times briefing detailing incidents of sexual misconduct at Hollywood club Cloak & Dagger, which has since closed. In a conversation with The Times, 10 women – including four of former Cloak & Dagger employees – claimed that co-founders Adam Bravin and Michael Patterson had repeatedly ignored accusations of harassment from members like Middleditch .

Speaking specifically against the actor was Hannah Harding, who recalled that Middleditch made “obscene sexual overtures” towards her and his girlfriend, on the night of October 22, 2019. Subsequently, Harding said, Middleditch l groped around the dance floor in front of her friends and a number of employees, before continuing to grope another woman. At the time, Harding was 21.

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In a conversation with The Times, Harding also shared Instagram direct messages from Middleditch. “Hannah, I didn’t know my actions were so weird to you… I know you probably just want to blow me up as a monster…” he would have told her. “I don’t expect you to want to be my friend or anything… I’m so ashamed I made you uncomfortable.”

Sunday wasn’t the first time Middleditch had found himself caught up in a controversy, nor the first time Wetterlund had called him. In an interview with Playboy in 2019, the actor discussed the ‘swinger’ lifestyle he participated in with his then-wife Mollie Gates.

“It wasn’t until after I got married that I liked: ‘Mollie, I’m sorry, but we have to get non-traditional here,” “the actor said. “Personally, [fame] is one of the trickier parts of it all, as Mollie doesn’t understand it and yet she has to witness it.

Wetterlund said: “The shock here for me is that he has female fans?!?”

The previous year, in an interview with the AV Club, Middleditch discussed an allegation of sexual assault against his former Silicon Valley co-star TJ Miller., calling the #MeToo movement a “scary thing” and “tricky” for men. Months later, Wetterlund shared his take on Miller and his alleged catalysts, tweeting “I hope I don’t spoil it for you, but TJ Miller was a bully and petulant kid and pretty much everyone who had power over this (almost all-male) set, including the male cast members, got him. allowed and were complicit in his lack of professionalism. . They can fuck forever. “

Sure Silicon Valley, Wetterlund returned as coder Carla Walton, in six episodes. The Emmy and Golden Globe nominated comedy wrapped up its sixth and final season in December 2019.

Representatives for Middleditch did not return emails seeking comment.

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