Aldis Hodge Edwin Hodge Kourosh Parallel Forest Remake Led by Ahari – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: One night in Miami and City on a hill star Aldis Hodge will play with The purge and The war of tomorrowEdwin Hodge in a remake of the award-winning Chinese film directed by Lei Zheng Parallel forest. Kourosh Ahari will lead. The siblings will play the brothers in the film and they wrote the screenplay with Jonathan Keasey (K-Sun and My wife hates your wife). They will also be producing under their new Hodge Brothers Productions banner.

Ahari comes out of the first film The night, a horror film distributed by IFC and just released on Hulu. it made history as the first US-produced film to hit Iranian theaters in decades.

Beijing Pu Luo Media Co.

Parallel forest is a grounded sci-fi thriller that follows the journey of Vanessa, a grieving woman who mysteriously finds herself navigating parallel spaces. During a retreat with her husband and brother-in-law, and after suffering the loss of a child, she faces the threat of self-destruction in order to regain the life she knew before her loss. These parallel doors may hold the key to releasing her grief or trapping her forever.

Paradigm & Rain Management Sign The filmmaker “ La nuit ” Kourosh Ahari

The remake will be produced by Sean Lydiard and Jaylen Moore of Rumble Riot Pictures, with Jonathan Keasey and Ann Zhang of Beijing Pu Luo Media Co, who directed the original. Executive Producers are Elliott Michael Smith, Rumble Riot Pictures, Lei Zheng and Chengxi Li. Pic is a co-production between Rumble Riot, Beijing Pu Luo Media Co and Hodge Brothers Productions.

Rumble Riot performed the RZA City cut throat, currently playing on Netflix. Led by casting director Cynthia Huffman, the filmmakers are looking for their female lead to start production in the fall.

The Hodge Brothers first appeared onscreen together in Big Momma’s House, but this is the first time they’ve collaborated as screenwriters / producers under their new production company Hodge Brothers Productions. Aldis Hodge is currently playing in Black adam opposite Dwayne Johnson and the most recently wrapped Edwin Hodge The war of tomorrow opposite Chris Pratt.

The siblings said, “This is just another chapter in the history of the Hodge Brothers. We have had an amazing journey throughout our careers and working together in a creative capacity has always been our goal. We started together, we build together and we will end together.

The Hodge Brothers are taken over by Paradigm, The Priluck Company and Ziffren Brittenham; Keasey is replaced by Circle of Confusion and Hirsch Wallerstein; Ahari is replaced by Rain Management Group, Paradigm and McKuin Frankel Whitehead.

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